About the Census

The OCDBE is required by federal guidelines to collect an annual census count of all children on the registry in the state of Ohio. Census forms are sent out each year to school and county officials to report any new children along with tracking children already registered on the census.

What is the Purpose of the Census?

The census identifies children and youth with deafblindness. Based on this information, the OCDBE receives funding to provide technical assistance to schools, agencies and families of identified children and youth. The census allows for the opportunity to identify and address educational needs of children and youth with deafblindness.

If you have a child you need to register or have any questions about the census, please contact Leanne Parnell, the Census Coordinator, at (800) 229-0844.

Click here to complete the online census form.

Click here if you have no students to report in your district.

Click here if you have no updates to make about a child.

Click here to download a copy of the census form (PDF).

To download a copy of the Census Referral form in Spanish, click here.

Why Participate in the Census?

  • Any family member or professional can register a child by contacting OCDBE.
  • Registering a child provides families and service providers access to information about available services, training, events and conferences.
  • Children are eligible for services if they are reported on the census. Information and referral services are available to all children.